Mike Pan • Portfolio

Tesla Model 3 Project

This is a passion project that I completed in my spare time.

Everything from reference gathering, to modelling, to surfacing, lighting and rendering is done by me over over the course of about 100 hours. Modeling this has been challenging because of the lack of good references. The proportions are espeically difficult due to the lack of any planar drawings.

The focus of the project is delivering a photo-realistic rendering of the car in the most flattering lighting possible. Using Blender and Cycles Renderer allowed me to rapidly setup complex nodal materials as well as experimenting with lighting setups.

Mike dabbles in 3D art, programming, game-making, book-writing and photography.

With 12 years of Blender experience and a keen interest in scientific visualization, he has worked for the University of British Columbia in Canada, Institute of Clinical Physiology in Italy, and Harvard Medical School.

You can contact him for quotes and projects at mike.c.pan@gmail.com