Mike Pan • Portfolio

Marine Ecosystem Visualization For University of British Columbia

I had the opportunity to work at the UBC Fisheries Center as a visualization artist to create various interactive content and videos for science communication purposes.

It was a fun work environment where Dalai Felinto and I took on many different projects. It was here that I learned the importance of production planning and pipelines. Without which most project would just collapse under its own weight.

Fish are friends. Not food.

Sometimes, the need to convey certain data is in conflict with my desire to have more artistic freedom. While the image below is dramatic, it is too dark and moody to be used in a video.

Experimenting with a different visual style.

Mike dabbles in 3D art, programming, game-making, book-writing and photography.

With 12 years of Blender experience and a keen interest in scientific visualization, he has worked for the University of British Columbia in Canada, Institute of Clinical Physiology in Italy, and Harvard Medical School.

You can contact him for quotes and projects at mike.c.pan@gmail.com