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The 2017 DefaultCubism Challenge

Two years ago I came up with an interesting little project: To make a piece of art with Blender using only the default cube that exists when you open up Blender. I did not change the shape of the cube in any way, using only other features such as modifiers and particles systems to create the scene.

You can find the blend file for these on my blog. It turned out a lot more fun than I expected! And I am not the only one. Many other people have participated in the challange.

Since then Blender has changed quite a bit. So let’s do this again!

For the next 30 days, I invite you to:




Show the world what you can do with just the default cube!

Mike dabbles in 3D art, programming, game-making, book-writing and photography.

With 12 years of Blender experience and a keen interest in scientific visualization, he has worked for the University of British Columbia in Canada, Institute of Clinical Physiology in Italy, and Harvard Medical School.

You can contact him for quotes and projects at mike.c.pan@gmail.com